SVJ Corporation has partnered with INFOTRANS, Russia to provide sales and services for Mobile, Self Propelled and Manual Track Geometry Measurement Systems. This included High Speed Non - Contact based measurement systems which provide information regarding complex parameters of data acquisition of rails and infrastructure.

Automated diagnostic complex for the monitoring of technical objects condition of a railway infrastructure (ADK-I «ERA»)

ADK-I «ERA» represents the twin-coach complex, each of its two car-laboratories can work independently as finished measuring module and intended for the decision of problems about expanded control of technical objects condition of an infrastructure. It can be completed with various systems according to solved problems and requirements from customer.

KVL-P – monitoring of the technical objects condition of a railway infrastructure (KVL-P2.1, KVL-P3.0);

KVL-ARKS – monitoring of the overhead system condition, automatics and communication systems.

The prominent feature of complex is that each of its two cars-laboratories can work independently, under the schedule.

High-speed contactless track-inspection station (KVL-P3.0)

This track measurement car opens a new succession of contactless track measuring devices on research car basis. In KVL-P3.0 was entered a new way of getting data relating to rails: all measurements are made by contactless methods. The structure of controllable parameters of a rail track is considerably expanded. Also it is implemented not-destroying control of rails, a georadar-location of a working zone of an earthen cloth,coordinating and geodetic binding of measurement results and supervision (with use of systems GPS/GLONASS). Modern ideas are applied at creating new convenient conditions for using it in life.

KVL-P3.0 can operate as a part of diagnostic complex “ERA” and independently, on a separate schedule.

Self-propelled track-measuring laboratory on basis of electric locomotive ChS200-08 (STL-ChS200)

The development of self-propelled track-measuring laboratory STL-ChS200 on basis of re-equip electric locomotive  ChS200-08 was carried out on behalf  of the Senior Vice-President of JSC "Russian Railways" V.A. Gapanovich for the purpose of automated control of railway track, first of all, of high-speed directions with the operating speeds up to 200 km/h with higher axial load of 19.5 tons.

Computerized research car for monitoring of the overhead system, automatics and communications KVL-ARKS (KVL-E.2, KVL-Sh)

KVL-ARKS (conformance certificate number is: ССФЖТ RU.ЦП05.Б.06497) is a part of diagnostic complex “ERA”. KVL-ARKS can operate both as a part of complex, and independently, on a separate schedule.

KVL-ARKS is designed for complex automated monitoring of the technical parameters of the overhead system, technological parameters of the floor units automatic system, and, also, parameters of the technical train radio communication means at the real-time in compliance with requirements of the OJSC RZD current regulations for the regulated purpose parameters.

Computerized track-measurement research car KVL-P2.1

Designed for computerized testing and evaluation of track condition on a real time basis at a speed up to 120 km/h providing at the same time high accuracy.

Important consumer-satisfying quality is all-weather capability, i.e. capability of making measurements at “rain or shine”: at atmosphere precipitation (rain, snow, fog), low temperatures and rails icing. It works under severe climate conditions of the North and Siberia.

Gage system and the product as a whole is certified (conformance certificates numbers are: 050040706 and ССФЖТ RU.ЦП05.Б.02811).

Onboard automated monitoring system for the overhead contact system (BSK KS.2)

The main tool for monitoring the condition of the overhead contact system on the long sections of electrified main railroad track is a specialized track-test car. However, during the diagnostic of an overhead contact system of small sections of main railroad tracks, side tracks and station tracks, as well as during the maintenance and operational acceptance of the overhead contact system after the repair, is economically feasible to equipped the motorailers by means of onboard automated monitoring system for the overhead contact system (BSK KS.2), used at the time of repair of an overhead contact system.

Manual automated diagnostic complex (manual track measuring device - RPI)

Manual automated diagnostic complex under the characteristics and structure of controllable parameters completely corresponds to the track measuring car KVL-P, the most mass and perfect model of the track measuring car on Russian and CIS railways.

One-rail bogie for measurement of short irregularities (TINK-1)

TINK-1 – is designed for:

  • Periodic and current check and evaluation of rail top tread surface condition and side active face of a rail line;
  • Evaluation of irregularities in joints of jointed track and continuous welded railroad track;
  • Obtaining of information used at planning of rail grinding work;
  • Control of rail grinding trains and rail grinding equipment operation

TINK-1 can be used at railroad transport, municipal rail transport a (except monitoring of groove rails), as well as at rail manufacturers.

Cross-sectiom profile and switches profilograph (PRS-02)

PRS-02 is designed for statistic measurements of crosssection profile in switches (diameters, blades, crossings, frame rails and check rails) in given sections, and also for receiving information, which used for work planning of rail-grinding cars, rail-grinding equipment and quality control.

Automated track gauge (APSH-3)

APSh-3 is applied for determination of track width (gauge) and relative vertical position of rails (level). APSh-3 can be applied both as autonomous measuring tool and as a part of computerized track measurement research car (KVL-P) when performing adjusting and testing work.

APSh-3 is brought in State Register of Gauges № 43004-09.

Rail profilograph (PR-03)

PR-03 is designed for:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of railhead profile (type: Р50, Р65 and Р75);
  • Obtaining of information, which used at work planning of rail grinding trains and rail grinding equipment and their quality control.
Corrugated rail wear indication double track bogie (TIVIR-03)

TIVIR-03 is designed for:

  • periodic routine inspection and state estimate of rail top running surface;
  • acquisition of information used for planning of grinding work;
  • quality control of rail-grinding trains and rail grinding equipment.

TIVIR-03 can be applied at railroad transport, municipal rail transport (except for monitoring of groove rails), as well as at rail manufacturers.

Automated rails geometrics gage (IGRA-01)

IGRA-01 is designed for:

  • Incoming inspection of rails geometric parameters conformity to normative documents at the rails welding factories (RSР) prior welding operation;
  • Outgoing inspection of the geometric parameters and welded joints of rails in the RSP environment.