Abrasive Rail Cutting Disc


RAILCUT is the GLOBE line specially designed for professional cutting of railway tracks. Highly balanced, with unequal-led cutting penetration and coo-ling capability, RAILCUT cut-ters provide an extremely fast, straight, precise and “cold” cut. Thanks to these features, RAILCUT cutters have passed the most rigorous and strict tests of the most important railway compa-nies in the world and are used in many countries.

RAILCUT line includes RAILCUT I discs (standard quality) and RAIL-CUT II discs (top range).

RAILCUT I is the standard basic version of high quality discs: the corundum mixture provides a fast and precise cut, with a moderate consumption.

RAILCUT II is the new arrival in GLOBE wide product range. Resulting from a long research study, the use of the most advan-ced and performing raw mate-rials as well as of hundreds of tests conducted on different types of rail, RAILCUT II is “the state of the art” in this sector. The cut provided by RAILCUT II is 30 % faster preventing the metal piece from overheating. The cut is perfectly straight and precise and the duration is approximately double compared to the best discs present in the market.

Like all GLOBE products, our wheels comply with the highest safety standards (EN12413) and are tested batch by batch according to OSA regulations to guarantee a safe, reliable and excellent product. 





No. of Cuts :
  52Kg Rails

Upto 7

Upto 15

  UIC 60

Upto 6

Upto 12

Time taken :

1m 30s


Shelf Life :

Upto 36 months

Upto 36 months

Watch the disc in action HERE!