FCS Hydraulic Rail Stressor

Designed to execute totally safety the alluminothermic welding of the rail. It is composed of a strong structure able to withstand the high stresses of the tensile force. The petrol Honda engine, controls a hydraulic power unit with a gear pump at low pressure for rapid approach of the rail as a radial pins pump which comes into operation automatically for a controlled and calibrated regulation so as to give the maximum pulling force , the control spool valve, 4 hydraulic cylinders with safety lock, 8 stainless steel clamps to block the rail thanks to shooting bars and anchoring pins. Optional: manual hydraulic power unit.

Morsetto idraulico tendirotaie doppio tiro MIT 70 - 2 U

Model MIT 70/2 U
Engine Honda
Fuel Petrol
Traction force kN[Q] 700
Hydraulic power unit kW 3,3
Total weight daN[Kg] 660

Also available in Tractionj Force of 1200 kN