FCS Portable Impact Wrench

Designed to perform screwing and unscrewing of the wrenches, bolts and nuts for the anchorage of the rail to the railway sleeper as well as in all those operations where in the absence of the electric current it is necessary to screw/unscrew nuts, bolts, studs etc.. In the ergonomic handle, designed to have low vibrations to the arm, there are the commands of the machine that provide accuracy and speed of work, all in the maximum operator safety.
– Trolley for transport and storage
– 3 wheels trolley
– Kit to drill the sleepers


Moto avvitatore portatile foratraverse MAV 2500 (600x800)


Model MAV 2500 M
Engine Mixture
Power engine Kw 1,7
Torque max.  Nm 2500
Dimensions mm 700x390x330
Dry Weight daN[Kg] 19