Hydraulic Track Jack

The new hydraulic track jacks with included pump HJ series, made with high quality material, ensure high lifting performances both in railway field and industrial field. The adequate length of the lever, the tap for lowering, the valve that limits overload, guarante precision in the work with minimum effort and maximum safety for the operator. The carrying structure, with rotation of 360 °, is realized so to support the load both on the foot and on the head of the jack. Ergonomic handle positioned on the center of gravity of the frame for easy transport.


Technical Data

HJ 5 HJ 10

HJ 25

Capacity on toe and head

daN[Kg] 5000 10000 25000
Lifting range of toe mm 25-230 30-260 58-273
Lifting range of head mm 368-573 420-650 505-720
Diameter of head mm 90 110 155
Dimensions of base mm 140x215 170x205



mm 380 420 505
Weight daN[Kg] 24 34