Yard Power Wrench – Rotating Engine – Walk behind

Designed to perform locking and unlocking wrenches, bolts and nuts for the anchorage of the rail to the railway sleeper and equipped  with a rotating head for tightening and loosening fasteners of the railway jaws. The hydraulic transmission is used to adjust the tightening torque which is indicated by a gauge on the crankcase. The user movements are assisted by electro-sensors. This machine is distinguished by the speed of processing, in fact it is equipped with a hydraulic pump for screwing and loosening fast, while a second high-pressure hydraulic pump is activated automatically only to give the maximum torque at the beginning of unscrewing or at the end of  screwing. Its handling combined with the robustness of all its components makes it unique in the market.


Incavigliatrice idraulica da cantiere con motore rotante IHR 1300 (800x600)


Model IHR 1300 P
Engine Honda/Petrol
Power engine  kW 6,3
Torque max. Nm 900
Dimensions mm 1500x590x800
Dry weight daN[Kg] 113


Also available :


Model IMC 1400 P
Engine Honda/Petrol
Power engine kW 6,3
Torque - Max Nm 430 – 1400
Dimensions mm 1950X700X800
Dry Weight daN[Kg] 130



Model BMC 1600 P
Engine Honda/Petrol
Power engine kW 8,7
Torque max. Nm 1600
Dimensions mm 1800X750X700
Dry Weight daN[Kg] 136