Rail Drilling Machine

The drill TFF 300 P lightweight, easily manoeuvrable and with a 4-stroke engine is able to drill in a quick and precise way on UIC 60 & 52Kg rails. The advance lever cutter is directly connected to the engine. This system allows to use only the necessary power for drilling, limiting the fuel consumption. The large coolant tank allows the extended use of the drill. The quick fixing on the rail, the completely protected operation of the tool, and the balanced handle with a safety switch, ensure minimal effort and maximum operator safety.

Trapano forarotaie TFF 300 P con particolare rotaia


Model TFF 300 P
Engine Honda/Petrol
Power engine  kW 1,6
Drilling diameter max. mm 36
Dry Weight daN[Kg] 18,5



Drills a hole into the rail web within 30 seconds

Core drill bit for precise drills 

Single man operation

Gives upto 200 drills per Litre of petrol 

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