Rail Grinding Machine

Designed to make the re-profiling of the rail head after the cut of the residual alumino-thermic welding. It is equipped with a lightweight petrol engine, which involves a low fuel consumption. It also has a continuous forced cycle system of lubrication and carbonation, which allows to tilt the machine by 90° and therefore the grinding of all the rail head. The transmission from the engine to the grinding stone happens thanks to a V-belt with a tensioner. The pulley system, the belt and the tensioner are located in a special compartment that protect them, during the machine’s operation, from the sparks of the stone. The wheels, the translation rollers located in ball bearings, the arc for the tilt adjustment of the engine, the comfortable handlebar and the aluminium frame make safe and easy to use this machine, which can be moved thanks to the handlebar located in its body.

Molatrice MPR 4000 P_web

Model MPR 4000 P
Engine Petrol
Power engine kW 4,7
Grindstone rotation speed  rpm 5000
Dimensions mm 850x1000x990
Dry Weight daN[Kg] 68