Wheel Flange & Top of Rail Lubrication Systems


Some Problems faced by Operators with Railway Tracks and Wheels :-
  • Squeal noise
  • Corrugation & Flange Wear
  • The influential wear factors are: axle loads, lateral forces, longitudinal force, creepage, curve radius, gradient of the track, cant/superelevation, track gauge, surface conditions of the wheels and the rails, train speed, train length, frequency and type of trains, rolling stock performance, and operational and environmental issues.
  • Safety risk exposure of staff during installation, inspection and maintenance.
  • Tough inspection and maintenance

Issues addressed by Track Lubrication :-

  • Provide intermediate level of adhesion
  • Reduces wear
  • Suppress corrugation formation
  • Reduces unpleasant squeal noise
  • Reduce surface damage
  • Prolonged Rail Life
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Operators to reap the associated cost and safety benefits.
  • Reduces dependence on human error
  • Reliable operation of Rail vehicle and infrastructure