Accessibility systems for public transport

Hidral Gobel is a company that designs, manufactures and sells accessibility products for vehicles, more specifically platforms, ramps and access systems for the differently abled, aged, disabled passengers wanting to access public and private transport.


Hidral Gobel started more than 30 years ago distributing all sorts of platforms and ramps and soon started to design its own products as Gobel Projects. In 2005 Gobel projects decides to dedicate itself exclusively to its own products and stops distributing other platforms and ramps, keeping only the distribution exclusivity of Unwin products in Spain.


In 2010, the Hidral group enters in the capital of Gobel projects helping it to grow internationally. This acquisition is finalised in 2016, when Hidral become the sole owner giving it the name of Hidral Gobel. Since then Hidral Gobel has grown helped by the worldwide infrastructure of the Hidral Group.


Currently Hidral Gobel has platforms installed in vehicles all over the world, in all types of vehicles. In the portfolio, Hidral Gobel has 10 different types of cassette lifts, 5 types of double arm lifts, 4 types of ramps, 2 types of entry steps and a whole range of anchoring products. On top of this, Hidral Gobel expects to present this year two new types of cassette lifts and a new ramp model. This will make Hidral Gobel the leading manufacturer in terms of product variability, as it will be able to cover the whole range of vehicles, from small to large and private or public.


SVJ & Hidral collaborated  in India, starting this year, where upto 15% are mandated to be accessible by the differently abled passengers . Buses for New Delhi, which were showcased as a prototype in January 2019, will be rolling out of the factory starting March 2019, which we envisage  would be the beginning of vast need to make all public transport accessible to the differently abled passenger.


We expect and foresee more states and transport associations in India, coming forward to implement these accessibility systems and giving such differently abled passengers the confidence and assurance of a safe and inclusive transport system in India.


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