The first hydraulic buffer stop in India


Klose GmbH was established on the 1st of March, 2005 in Westerkappeln. Their business field includes the design, planning and calculation of rail end blocks, including delivery and installation, as well as the preparation and maintenance of existing constructions.

The new patented buffer stop designs have been tested by DB AG in accordance with the latest regulations and correspondingly approved by the Federal Railway Authority. The mostly standardised designs have been developed on the basis of the owner's more than 20 years of experience in the field of railway and rail end block technology.


Our new designs represent the advanced development of proven technology, opening up optimised applications for the user, amongst others with:
New braking elements: Clamping force detection without dynamometric key; alsoretrofittable for older designs

Low installation, maintenance and repair costs

Additional brakes can be optionally fitted on the tracks or on brake rails arrangedin the tracks

Possibility to optionally use hydraulic buffer systems

The standardised designs have been technically tested by DB AG and approved bythe Federal Railway Authority

The use and implementation of all previous designs, as for instance also the tractivesleeper type buffer stops, are possible


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Fixed Buffer Stops


Fixed Buffer Stops


Friction Buffer Stops


Hydraulic Buffer Stop


Buffer stops for curved tracks