Indestructible SENSORswitches from CAPTRON

Capacitive buttons: Vandal-proofed now available in India

The sensors of the vandal-resistant buttons of CAPTRON sealed in special resin ensures the extremely high resistance to harsh environmental conditions, vandalism or chemical solvents. The high-quality switches can withstand temperatures of more than -196°C to +2600 ° C - without losing reliability.
Unlike mechanical switches, the electronic-capacitive SENSORswitches of CAPTRON with several 100 million switching cycles are completely contact-free and therefore highly durable and also maintenance-free.

For more than 33 years, CAPTRON Electronic has been developing, manufacturing and distributing the product line of capacitive SENSORswitches for several applications in the industrial automation, traffic and transport and building technology.

• Capacitive button – Touch Control
• 100% water and oil-proof – IP69K
• Feedback - visual, acoustic and beeper
• Shock-resistent – vandal resistant
• TSI-PRM certified (depends on model)

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